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How to choose baby bathtubs

Each day, your baby's bath time can become a precious time in which to enjoy the tenderness of that toilet ritual or in an uncomfortable, tense and disorganized moment that spoils you if you do not choose where to bathe it with functional criteria . We help you choose.

What criteria do you have to consider before buying? To start you must be very clear about the use you want to give the baby bath and calculate the size you have in the bathroom, whether you have a bidet or not in the place where you have thought to locate it. At the time of choosing it, you will have to take into account the size of the child and his height. You should assess if you will need a bathtub that can be used for a trip or if the budget is a problem or not.

You can also choose to dispense with the bathtub and use the space you have in your sink for the baths of the first days, use bathtub reducers or supports that are placed in the adult's and that adapt to the size of the babies.

Folding bathtubs The collapsible bathtubs have an anatomical and flexible interior tray which in some models can be placed inside or outside the bathtub. In addition, they are collapsible, occupying less space. Ideal for small spaces or to travel.

Scissor baths Scissor tubs take up very little space when folded and there are also models that include diaper changer, pockets and a storage tray to have all the baby's belongings on hand. They also usually incorporate side rollers that provide safety and prevent falls of the children.

Inflatable bathtubs If the lack of space is the main problem you should know that there are inflatable baby baths, very practical at the time of travel but also to have at home. They adapt perfectly to the growth of the child and have a reducer for each stage of their development. If you are not too lazy to inflate and deflate it daily, you can be a model that goes unnoticed in your home.

Bathtub furniture On the other hand, if you have a large house and a comfortable budget, you can lean on a bathtub that has drawers, a storage tray to have everything you need for your toilet and a padded dressing room to dress your child. After bathing it, for example, in your own room or in the place you decide because you have wheels to move through different spaces. It is important to know that once discarded as a bathtub you can continue using it as a comfortable, because it comes with an upper table to cover the hole in the bucket.

Tips Once you have decided on one of the existing models, remember to make sure that the bathtub is completely stable. Do not forget to remove the soap residue every time you use it with your baby so that it is in perfect condition at the next use. If you can choose, it is better that the drain plug can not be opened with the baby's foot, so try one that closes and opens by its own turn.

Finally, do not forget that, like most child care products, bathtubs must comply with strict safety regulations that you can check on the packaging. That your child's tub is safe depends on its stable structure and its bucket of a durable material with a surface that does not deform with the passage of time. Make sure, too, that you can sit the child comfortably on it to avoid the risk of it slipping underwater.

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